Patio Cleaning

Star Jet Wash Patio Cleaning Services

The patio is one of the most sensitive areas of a home because it gives out the first impression. Dirty patio? you don’t need to worry because Star Jet Wash performs these services effectively and will ensure it looks great again.

Why You Should Clean Your Patio

When we clean your patio it becomes attractive and desirable. However, if you neglect to clean it or allow inefficient companies to do it for you, then you are likely to make it very unbecoming even for visitors.

Most patios are made of stone, wood or even concrete. These materials need regular cleaning so that they can sparkle and restore their natural outlook. However, if your patio has any vegetation or grass we ensure that the soapy water doesn’t get to it while cleaning as this will cause them not to grow. Apart from the patio at your home, we also clean commercial patios situated on business premises. In addition to this, our company ensures that we follow all the safety and health rules and regulations.

How We Clean the Patio

  1. We remove any loose dirt and rubbish materials by sweeping down with a broom. That is because once the area is wet; all the dirty material will stick to the surface.
  2. If your patio has any vegetation or plants we use a hosepipe to pour water. That ensures that in case soapy water gets to them, it will just slide off. However, as a precaution measure, we cover the plants with a light plastic especially the sensitive plants.
  3. We then deal with any stains that are likely to be on the area. That is done according to the material that the patio is made of. We have different washing materials and washing powder to cater for any kind of patio. Our materials are safe for human use and they don’t cause any environmental harm.
  4. Afterwards, we remove any stains on the patio we thoroughly rinse the area to get rid of the cleaning materials.
  5. We then pressure wash the entire area using the setting of deep clean.
  6. After this, we rinse all the dirt on the patio and we make sure that it looks sparkling clean.
  7. Most people ignore the dirt splashes after washing the patio; however, we ensure that we rinse any remainder of dirt that may be left on the windows and doors.

We provide friendly and professional services at an affordable and fair price. Our customer service is first-rate and we treat all our clients with respect.