Gutter Cleaning

Star Jet Wash is the leading company for gutter cleaning in Manchester. We use the latest detergents to clean your gutter, patio, and driveway thoroughly. Our cleaning team is dedicated to offering the best cleaning service to our clients.

Delaying cleaning your gutter can turn out to be a costly affair in the long-run. Added maintenance costs result from the damages arising from the weight of the debris on the gutters. You need to keep on inspecting the gutters to help you know when they need to be attended to.

A sagging gutter is an indication that there is extra weight of residue pilling on it. Again, if you observe some dirt deposited on your verandah, it could be spilling from a blocked gutter. Gutter and drainpipe blockage causes rainwater spillage to the building’s foundation.

The pile will clog the gutter causing the water to flow slowly or fail to flow at all. Consequently, the water infiltrates and saturates the foundation thus weakening it. Similarly, piled dirt whether on your garden or the gutter is messy and an eyesore.

Whenever you observe any signs of a blocked gutter or unkempt driveway, do not hesitate to contact us.