“Patio cleaning – will it look as good as new?”
Decking looks great, but very fast it can become unsightly if not taken care of, even worse there could be damage to the decking.
To ensure longevity of the decking a good clean is needed.
To prevent damage to wood while cleaning it is best to use a pressure washer which is the right power for decking which will take away the dirt but not the wood.
After a clean it is always best to use a nice wood protector on the decking to ensure it keeps looking good for even longer
After a newly cleaned drive or patio it may be that sanding is required.
All professional cleaning companies will offer this service
When sanding it is best to use good quality kiln dried sand, this is so the sand very easily will go in between the gaps.
Sanding helps in two main areas:
1 sanding helps to maintain the evenness of the area.
2 Sanding helps moss and plants coming through the gaps after the clean.