Gutter Cleaning in Northwich

Star Jet Wash specialise in gutter cleaning in Northwich as well as driveway cleaning, patio, and jet washing service provider. Established several years ago, the company is dedicated to ensuring that clients obtain supreme services. For proper maintenance and efficient functioning, gutters require regular thorough cleaning.

We consider ourselves more than service providers. The gutter cleaning in Northwich, Cheshire is a reliable partner. We ensure that the proper maintenance of the entire exterior of the home.

Our Locations

We offer driveway cleaning, patio & jet washing services in the following regions:






Our Cleaning Services

Star Jet Wash offers both commercial and residential services in:

Gutter cleaning

Gutters are likely to lose their efficiency without regular professional cleaning. Such a problem is important and quite serious. Cleaning is much easier and less costly when compared to repairing the gutters.

Our certified contractors can help with cleaning gutters in both residential and commercial settings. We will remove all grit and anything that prevents the efficient functioning of the gutters.

A professional scoops out all the large debris, and then uses a leaf blower to complete the gutter cleaning session. Depending on the amount of dirt, the professional may further tap on downspouts with to move debris.

Driveway Cleaning

A spectacularly clean driveway speaks volumes on the personality of an individual. At Star Jet Wash, we use state of the art equipment to ensure that your driveway is sparkling.

Patio Cleaning

The patio is part of the home exterior. As we clean your gutters, we can also transform your patio and make it a clean place for resting.

Jet Washing

Our jet washing services complement the gutter cleaning in Northwich so that the whole exterior remains clean. Do not struggle with jet washing. Our years of experience allow us to use the proper equipment and grade cleaners to clean your home and commercial settings.

Our services are available throughout the year.

Why should anyone consider Star Jet Wash?

We work as a team of professionals. We do not believe in short cuts and we all take pride in customer satisfaction. At Star Jet Wash, our customers get:

  • High standard services in patio, driveway and gutter cleaning, as well as an exceptional power wash.
  • Honest, insured and professional workers.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Outstanding customer service.

Do not sacrifice on quality! We offer accountable and affordable gutter cleaning at Star Jet Wash. Do not wait for a property disaster; our quick and efficient services are available all days of the week.

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